12. Start a Good Government Advocacy Group in your district!

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both! - Justice Louis Brandeis

We are looking for feedback on this long-term advocacy project to improve our dysfunctional political system in Pennsylvania.

The stated general goal for these Good Government PA groups is to advocate for legislation/regulations related to creating a 'democracy with economic, environmental, and social justice for all in Pennsylvania'.

The idea would be to create non-partisan good government advocacy groups of constituents in each PA State Senate District (50), each PA State Representative District (203) and each PA Congressional District (18). The groups could be called 'We the People of PA Senate 18' or 'Good Government for PA House 135' or 'PA Indivisible for US 10th.'

These groups would be non-partisan and not support or oppose individual candidates or elected official.  But they would advocate about proposed legislation that is in the public interest like those on this list from the UUPLAN.  

These non-partisan advocacy groups would be a place where constituents of that district can stay informed about proposed Good Government legislation and regulations like those on the UUPLAN list above. These groups can be a way to connect with other constituents to advocate for or against proposed legislation with your legislator.

The leaders of each group should ask 3 questions of people joining  the group. They are: 

(1) Are you a constituent of this legislative district?
(2) Do you support the goal of creating a 'democracy with economic, environmental, and social justice for all in Pennsylvania'? 
(3) Can we send you a weekly Good Government Update?

The leader should record the name, email and phone number of the constituents so they can be contacted about advocacy actions within their districts. It can be as simple as that or, if the leaders want, they
 could start a facebook page and/or website for the group but that is not necessary. 

The ideas from the Indivisible Guide can be adapted (without the partisan language) to these groups at the state level so they are dedicated to make state legislative district elected officials listen to and work for We the People - the constituents of that districts.

Please continue to page 13 for more on this idea and how to get involved!


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