14. PA State House GG Petition Project

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both! - Justice Louis Brandeis

Our goal  This project is intended to connect citizens to their local PA State House Representative and other constituents in their districts.

We want a
 group of citizens in each PA State House District who are informed and will advocate for good government/anti-corruption reforms in PA.  Voices that can help create a 'representative democracy with economic, environmental and social justice for all in Pennsylvania.' If you do not know who you PA State House member, click Here and put in your address and zip to find out.
The PA State House Good Government Petition Project: 
* We will ask citizens to sign a petition to their PA State House Representative each 

quarter (January, April, July and November). The petition asks elected officials to:
1. Support an independent redistricting commission to draw the PA legislative 
district lines.
2. Support PA State House Rules Reform Resolutions 11 thru 20 to make our 
PA State House procedures democratic and fair.
3. Join the PA State House Good Government Caucus to discuss good government 
reforms in Pennsylvania.
4. Endorse the American Anti-Corruption Act pro-democracy ideas by going to the 
website Clean Money Squad PA to watch the one-minute video about corruption 
in PA and then to register their support for the AACA in the 'office holders' section 
of the website.

Ways PA residents outside the Lehigh Valley can get involved:
1. Email me and ask to be added to the list to get a copy of the petition early each 

January, April, July and November. (tomulrich41@gmail.com)
2. Get signatures on your petition from friends and neighbors who are constituents in 
your PA State House District and connect with others in your PA State House District 
are also getting petition signatures.
3. Take the petitions to your PA State House District office and explain what the 
petition is about.

Ways Lehigh Valley residents can help with this project:
1. Sign the petition at the Fourth Friday Film and Speakers Series (FFF) each January, 
April, July and November or when a person in your district asks you to sign.
2. Get friends and neighbors in your PA State House District to sign the petition by 
copying the petition from an email I will send at the beginning of those four month. 
Return the petition to me at or before the FFF program that month. 
(email me to say you can help in this way)
3. We will deliver the signed petitions to PA State Representative's local office in 
the Lehigh Valley at the end of each month mentioned. 
(email me if you can help deliver the petitions)

More ways to help Good Government organizing in your PA State House District:
1. Help develop and/or send a short monthly Good Government Update email to constituents in your PA State House District.
2. Help develop an email list of constituents in your PA State House District who would like to receive a monthly (or twice a month) Good Government Update. 

Please contact tomulrich41@gmail.com for more details on how you can get involved.