3. Organizations working on GG Issues

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both! - Justice Louis Brandeis


It is important to partner with others on good government issues.  Also, we 

should remember how related good government issues are to economic 
inequality issues.

Here are some groups that are working to improving our 
democracy so it works for everyone:

State Organizations 
* Fair Districts PA                                           * Common Cause PA
* League of Women Voters PA                   * Represent PA
* March on Harrisburg                                 * UUPLAN                                               
* PA Budget and Policy Center                   Why Courts Matter Pennsylvania
* PA Poor People's Campaign                     *
 PA United to Amend 
Citizens for Better Elections                    * SAVE Buck Votes
* NextGen Pennsylvania 
Keystone Research Center                        * VotePA
* ACLU of PA                                                     * Keystone Votes 
Committee of Seventy                                * Public Interest Law Center

* OnePA                                                              * PA Health Access Network                                                      * Move to Amend PA        

National Organizations
* Brennan Center for Justice                       Democracy Initiative
* FairVote                                                            Verified Voting
 Economic Policy Institute                            Rootstrikers
 Inequality .org (weekly e-newsletter)     * Wolf PAC

* Issue One                                                          * Demos

Other State Groups (Click on name for website) 
  • American Civil Liberties Union of PA is dedicated to defending and protecting our individual rights and personal freedoms.
  • Better Choices for Pennsylvania (Click HERE) supports closing tax loopholes and end special interest tax breaks.
  • CeaseFire PA (Click HERE) is taking a stand against gun violence in Pennsylvania.
  • Center for Progressive Leadership PA (Click HERE) is dedicated to developing our state's next generation of progressive political leaders.
  • Clean Water Action (Click HERE) is dedicated to protecting your drinking water at the source!
  • Clear Coalition is committed to a sustainable budget that prevents harmful cuts to essential public services, saves jobs and makes taxes fairer.
  • Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania is working in PA to pass laws that will protect the environment and to elect environmental candidates to support such policies.
  • Decarcerate PA (Click HERE) has put together a three part platform calling on PA to stop building new prisons, reduce people in prison, and reinvest in our schools and communities. 
  • Democracy Rising PA is working for integrity, value, transparency, and citizen confidence in government.
  • Education Voter PA is working to inform the public about the needs and importance of our public schools.
  • Equality Pennsylvania is advocating in Harrisburg and across the state, exclusively for the rights of LGBT Pennsylvanians.
  • Food and Water Watch PA is working in Pa on environmental issues, especially the problems caused by fracking.
  • Health Care 4 All PA is working to stop waste, fraud and abuse, to reduce taxes, and to save lives by bringing the Single Payer Solution to PA.
  • Health Care for America Now PA is working for affordable, quality health care for everyone.
  • Keystone Progress is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization
  • New Priorities Network is working to fund jobs and services, end wars, and cut the Pentagon budget.
  • PA Public Bank Project is working to create a public bank to provide sustained and affordable credit to stimulate locally directed economic development.
  • PA Voices is working to engage underrepresented communities in the democratic process.
  • PA Living, Drinking, Reading Liberally Groups - HERE!
  • Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center is a statewide policy research project that provides independent, credible analysis on state tax, budget, and related policy matters.
  • Protecting Our Waters (Click HERE) committed to protecting the Delaware River Basin, the state of Pennsylvania, and our region from unconventional gas drilling and other threats to our drinking water, environment, and public health.