4. Proposed Legislation on Good Government Issues

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both!
- Justice Louis Brandeis

On this page is Good Government PA legislation that we should support or oppose. Consider signing up Here for daily updates from PaLegis Notifications and stay informed about proposed legislation. This short Video from Fair Districts Pa explains how to use the PaLegis website to track legislation.

Below is a list bills to support. Click on the bill number for information about the bill and who is sponsoring the bill. (Click History at the top for sponsors and Memo for information about the bill.) The UUPLAN has a Legislation Tracking Page with info about Pa proposed legislation in various area and is worth exploring.

Remember our focus (see page 1) is on things related to the nuts and bolts of good government like: gerrymandering reform, voting/election issues, minimizing money in politics, etc. which usually show up under "State Government" legislation on the daily PaLegis Notifications.

This is legislation from a previous year. Updates will be coming.

Senate Bills to Support
  (click memo for rationale and history for sponsors)
SB 22 on Redistricting Reform

SB 608 on Automatic Voter Registration
SB 132  on Gift Limitations for Public Officials
SB 290
on Public Financing of Elections
SB 216 on Early Voting

Memoranda - Free and Fair Elections Concurrent Resolution on Campaign Finance

SB 263
on Permanent Absentee Status
SB 280
 on Allowing Independents to Vote in Primaries

SB 284 on Employee Time Off to Vote
SB 270 on National Popular Vote Compact
SB 281 on Statement of Voters Rights
SB 282 on Election Day Registration
SB 283 on Voter Registration Eligibility for Younger Voters
SB 285 on Special Elections
SB 286 on State Initiatives and Referendums

SB 532 on Closing a Loophole on Lobbying for Contingent Fees
SB 1020 on Candidates disclosure of tax returns to appear on ballot

House Bills to Support
  (click memo for rationale and history for sponsors)
HB 722 on Redistricting Reform 

HB 193 on Automatic Voter Registration
HB 39 on Gift Ban

HB 946 on 15 day Early Voting

HB 1783
on Allowing Independents to Vote in Primaries
HB 949
on Financial Disclosure
HB 101 on Same-Day Registration
HB 75 on 8 day Early Voting and No Excuse Absentee Voting
HB 1465 is an Omnibus Voting and Election Bill
HB 869 on Board Compensation Prohibition
HB 1093 on Residence of Incarcerated Individuals
HB 1114 on Redistricting Reform
HB 1117 on No-Excuse and In-Person Absentee Voting
HB 1138 on No-Excuse Absentee Voting

HB 1145 on Voter Pre-Registration at Age 16
HB 1175  on Lobbyist Disclosure Penalties
HB 1208 on Replacing term "elector" with "voter"
HB 1332 on Campaign Finance Reform
HB 1417 on Shareholder Approval of Corporate Campaign Spending