x Connect with or start a Good Government Coalition Group in your PA House District

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both! - Justice Louis Brandeis
If we are going to make changes and reform our dysfunctional state political system, we need citizens to get involved and engaged in our democracy at the PA State House District and PA State Senate District and US Congressional District levels.

Our first step is to organize at the PA State House level beginning in 2018. Below is a list of contact people in various districts. We want to grow the list.

PA STATE HOUSE DISTRICTS: (map of 203 PA House Districts)

* PA 133rd State House District - (district map) - Rep. Jeanne McNeill 
           (Tom Ulrich - tomulrich41@gmail.com)
* PA 156th State House District - (district map) - Rep. Comitta

           (Tom Buglio - tombuglio@gmail.com)
* PA 187th State House District - (district map) - Rep. Gary Day
          (Charyn Ayoub - onwords@hotmail.com)

Please consider being the Good Government Coalition contact person for your PA House district. If you are not sure of your district and who your elected legislators are please click Here and enter your address and zip.

Our goal is to have a GG group in each PA House District that can advocate for Good Government issues with PA House representatives. Let's work together to build good government constituent power in each district. Citizens who will
 advocate for 'a democracy with economic, environmental and social justice for all in Pennsylvania." 

This list, from the UUPLAN, provides information about proposed legislation that we feel should be supported or opposed by the citizens of Pennsylvania.