Our democracy is in trouble in Pennsylvania and nationally.  Extreme economic inequality has created political inequality which results in dysfunctional government. This 2 minute video explains.  This has to change!

The goal of Good Government PA is to restore and maintain a democracy with fairness and justice 4 all in Pennsylvania. At the top of the list of changes needed is redistricting reform. However, other GG reforms are needed as well.

There is legislation introduced in Pennsylvania each year that, if enacted, would help restore democracy (see page four). Most Pennsylvanians never hear about it.

Our group Good Government Pa wants to help citizens across Pennsylvania stay informed, get involved, and take action on legislation in PA that promotes good government. Our GG Weekly Email Updates and page four on this website gives information about proposed GG legislation in the PA Senate and House.

We are organized under the UUPLAN which is the Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Adovocay Network.  We welcome all concerned citizens to join in this non partisan effort. 

We all need to publicize and advocate for this legislation that would make PA government more democratic, efficient, transparent, and responsive to the will of the people. Also, we need to advocate against legislation that does not support this goal.

Please join our Good Government PA Weekly Email Update!

Email Tom at tomulrich41 @ gmail .com and ask to be included on the GG PA list.