1. About Good Government Pa

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both! - Justice Louis Brandeis

Ideas for Reform:
Good Government Pa is working to increase awareness and take action related to PA legislation that relates to having a democracy with economic, environmental and social justice for everyone, with special focus on redistricting reform, automatic voter registration, a ban on gifts to legislators, public financing of campaigns and other legislation listed on page four.

We are organized under the Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (or UUPLAN) as the Good Government Justice Team. We are one of the 8 Justice Teams under the UUPLAN. This Good Government Pa website has information about our efforts.

All Pennsylvania citizens are welcome and encourages to join our Good Government Justice Team. Good Government legislation that we are promoting generally fall into the 5 general categories which are listed below. Specific legislation is listed on page 4.

We will partner with other PA groups active in this work, e.g., Fair Districts Pa, Common Cause PA, League of Women Voters PA, March on Harrisburg and PA United to Amend. We will also try to stay flexible enough to respond to other legislation related to any of these areas listed below.

Five (5) Critical Areas for Reform of Our Political System:
1. Redistricting reform to eliminate gerrymandering in PA by having an independent commission decide (with court approval) how lines are drawn for state legislative and national congressional districts.  
2. Increase voter rights and voter participation by supporting: automatic voter registration, no-fault absentee voting, an early voting periodways to stop voter suppressionopen primaries, same day voter registration, making election day a holiday, the use of ranked choice voting when possible, popular vote for president, term limits,  and other similar issues.
3. Minimize money's role in government by supporting: citizen funding of campaigns (public financing), disclosure of all contributions to candidates/elected officials, and -- the most important move for long-term progress - a convention of the states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution authorizing states to apply disclosure rules and reasonable guidelines on election campaign finance. 
4. Secure the vote in our elections by mandating a voter-marked paper ballot with optical scan machines to count the vote, plus allowing easier access to recounts and audits of results.
5. Strengthen ethical behavior in government by updating state ethics laws and supporting open access to public records.

More details on the Five (5) Critical Areas for Reform of Our Political System can be found at Stand Up 4 Democracy.org.

As you will see, many of these reforms (especially redistricting reform) are starting to get attention and we need to help publicize and advocate for legislation that would help make these reforms happen in Pennsylvania. Page 4 lists legislation which citizens interested in Good Government PA can help publicize and pressure our elected official to support.

We cannot succeed in securing fairness and justice for all without repairing our broken democracy.

"What these activists must now see is that all these projects (environmental protection, decent wages, affordable health care, better schools, gun safety, a humane system of immigration) face a common threat: the threat of a failed and corrupted democracy.

Until we work together to remedy that corruption... none of the critically important problems that so many decent souls fight for can be solved sensibly...

Every group that feels its fight is undermined by the power of money over voice should offer at least 10 percent of its activism to the common end of reforming this democracy."

Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman, Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School